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Deepkit Framework is a new high-performance and real-time TypeScript framework for enterprise TypeScript applications. Standalone TypeScript libraries and a framework that brings everything together.


Check out the Deepkit Documentation to get started.

There is also an eBook version.

Both is available in German, English, and Chinese.

Getting started

To create a Deepkit app with Deepkit Framework from scratch, you can use NPM init:

npm init @deepkit/app my-deepkit-app

Community Packages

  • Deepkit OpenAPI: Automatic OpenAPI doc and Swagger UI generation based on HTTP routes.
  • Serverless Adapter: Run Deepkit on top of AWS Lambda, Azure, Digital Ocean and many other clouds.
  • Deepkit REST: DeepKit REST opens up a whole new declarative and extensive approach for developing REST APIs.
  • Deepkit Stripe: Interacting with the Stripe API or consuming Stripe webhooks in your Deepkit applications is now easy as pie 🥧.



If you are interested in contributing to the development of Deepkit, check out the Development Docs to learn more about setting up your local development environment.

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